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Jesse Anderson - Instructor, Cloudera University
Jesse is a curriculum developer and instructor for Cloudera University.
Amr Awadallah - Ph.D. - CTO, Cloudera
Before co-founding Cloudera in 2008, Amr was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Accel Partners. Prior to joining Accel he served as Vice President of Product Intelligence Engineering at Yahoo!, and ran one of the very first organizations to use Hadoop for data analysis and business intelligence. Amr joined Yahoo after it acquired his first startup, VivaSmart, in July 2000.
Bryan Beaudreault - Senior Technical Lead, HubSpot
Bryan is a senior technical lead at HubSpot currently leading the Data Operations team, which focuses on improving usage and operations of HBase and Hadoop within HubSpot. Before founding Data Ops, Bryan worked on several teams at HubSpot, notably rewriting HubSpot's Analytics platform to utilize the distributed nature of HBase.
Ron Buckley - Senior Technical Manager, OCLC
Ron graduated has over 20 years experience building data systems for libraries. Currently, he's leading the implementation of Hadoop and HBase at OCLC. Previous to that, he led the OCLC search team and holds a patent for search results ranking for library search results.
Jeremy Carroll - Operations Engineer, Pinterest
Jeremy is an engineer for the Technical Operations team at Pinterest, where he builds, monitors, and scales systems infrastructure that handles billions of monthly page views. Prior to Pinterest, Jeremy worked at Klout building large-scale data processing systems using Hadoop and HBase.
Eric Chang - Tech Lead, Opower
Eric Chang is the Tech Lead for Data Infrastructure at Opower. He has been building features and code infrastructure on top of Hadoop and HBase and has been managing Opower's Hadoop operations since production roll out in 2011.
Ishan Chhabra - Systems Engineer, Rocket Fuel
Ishan is a Systems Engineer at Rocket Fuel, helping to build the next generation of infrastructure at a data driven company. When not hard at work, he is looking at raising the level of abstraction for building distributed systems or playing God of War in Titan Mode.
Rajiv Chittajallu - Senior Principal Engineer, Yahoo!
Rajiv is a Senior Principal Engineer in the Grid Operations Team at Yahoo! He has been involved with Hadoop at Yahoo! since 2006, starting with a 400-node development/research clusters and since moving to a 42,000+ node production environment. He worked at The Center for Development of Advanced Computing before joining Yahoo! In 2005.
Jonathan Colt - Principal Software Engineer, Jive Software
Jonathan is co-creator of Tasmo, author of Jive's recommendations engine, and tech lead for the Jive Data Platform team.
Jean-Daniel Cryans - Software Engineer, Cloudera
Jean-Daniel Cryans is a software engineer at Cloudera on the Storage team where he spends his days making Apache HBase better. Previous to that, he worked on HBase at StumbleUpon. Jean-Daniel became a committer and PMC member on the project in 2008.
Eric Czech - Chief Architect, Next Sound
As Chief Architect at music data analytics company Next Big Sound, Eric has lead the development and deployment of purely open source solutions for measuring trillions of consumer actions taken on platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and the like.
Devaraj Das - Co-founder, Hortonworks
Devaraj has made significant contributions to MapReduce and Hadoop Security. He is a committer on Apache Hadoop, Apache HBase, Apache Ambari, Apache Tez, and a Mentor on a couple other Apache projects. He is currently working with Hortonworks of which he is a co-founder, and is contributing to HBase actively.
Mike Davis - Software Engineer, Optimizely
Mike is a software engineer at Optimizely. As a member of the Analytics team since 2012, he worked on a new analytics platform built on top of Apache Flume, HBase, and Hadoop. He is currently the tech lead for the Results team harvesting actionable data from HBase and MongoDB.
Nick Dimiduk - Member of Technical Staff, Hortonworks
Nick found Hadoop and HBase in 2008 when his nightly ETL jobs started taking 20+ hours to complete. Since then, he has applied these tools to projects over social media, social gaming, click-stream analysis, climatology, and geographic data. Nick also helped establish Seattle's Scalability Meetup and tried his hand at entrepreneurship. He is an HBase committer and coauthored HBase in Action, the unofficial user's guide for HBase. His passion is scalable, online access to scientific data.
Richard Ding - IBM BigInsights Development, IBM
Prior to joining the IBM big data team, Richard worked at Yahoo! for three years on Hadoop-related projects. He is an Apache Pig committer and PMC member. At IBM, his focus is on open source stack, especially on building enterprise features of open source components.
Jingcheng Du - Software Engineer, Intel
Jingcheng is a Software Engineer on the Intel Hadoop team participating in the development of the Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop. He mainly focuses on the development of features based on HBase.
Honghua Feng - Software Engineer, Xiaomi
Honghua is a software engineer at Xiaomi, focusing on HBase. He has also worked at Panasonic, IBM, Microsoft, and Tencent. At Microsoft, he participated in the development of Kirin Store, the back-end, structured distributed storage system for Bing.
Adam Frank - Operations Lead, Flurry
Adam runs the operations team at Flurry. He joined in 2012 specifically to get experience with HBase.
Avtandil Garakanidze - Group Product Manager, Google
Avtandil is group product manager for Google's core storage infrastructure team, covering a number of storage services, including Bigtable. Prior to Google, Avtandil was VP of Engineering and Products at Composite Software, where he helped grow the company into a recognized leader in Data Virtualization and eventual acquisition by Cisco Systems. Prior to that, Avtandil held various product and engineering management roles with VERITAS, Starfish Software (acquired by Motorola), Yahoo!, and Compressent.
Lars George - Director EMEA Services, Cloudera
Lars George has been involved with HBase since 2007, and became an HBase committer in 2009. He has spoken at many Hadoop User Group meetings, and conferences such as ApacheCon, FOSDEM, QCon, and Hadoop World. Lars works for Cloudera, as the Director EMEA Services, managing a team of Hadoop solutions architects in and around Europe. He is also the author of the O'Reilly Media book, HBase - The Definitive Guide.
Jing Chen He - Software Engineer, IBM
Jing Chen is a software engineer with IBM BigInsights -- IBM's big data platform. He has extensive experience in information management technologies, including RDBMSs, data warehouses, and Big Data. He is an active contributor to HBase.
Lars Hofhansl - Architect, Salesforce.com
Lars is an HBase Committer and PMC member. He is an Architect at Salesforce.com, where he leads HBase development efforts, recently focusing on performance, backup, and disaster recovery. In the past, Lars held engineering roles at PeopleSoft and Digital Equipment Corp.
Jonathan Hsieh - Software Engineer, Cloudera
Jonathan works for Cloudera as a Software Engineer and HBase Team Tech Lead. He is an HBase committer and PMC member, a committer and founder of the Apache Flume project.
Chris Huang - Hadoop Architect, Trend Micro
Chen-hsiu (Chris) Huang is responsible for Trend Micro's cloud infrastructure to fulfill the Smart Protection Network (SPN) strategy. He has started work on Hadoop ecosystem since 2009 and designed many distributed systems. As a member of the Taiwan Hadoop User Group, he also helps to conduct the Hadoop in Taiwan conference since 2012, and actively promotes Hadoop/HBase in the local community.
Matthew Hunt - Software Architect, Bloomberg LP
Matthew is the architect of Bloomberg's Portfolio Analytics system, which comprises real time and historical analytics for returns, risk, optimization, and attribution. He has previously been the CTO at several startups, including Omnipod, which became part of Symantec's Cloud solution, and Thor, now Oracle's Identity Management product, and served as the president of LUNY!, the Linux Users of New York.
Sudarshan Kadambi - Software Engineer, Bloomberg LP
Sudarshan works in the Foundational Services team at Bloomberg where he focuses on the company's data infrastructure needs. The team broadly works on distributed databases and compute frameworks for real-time analytics and search. Sudarshan has a background in distributed systems from his days at Yahoo!, where he worked on PNUTS, Yahoo's NoSQL database.
Dheeraj Kapur
Dheeraj Kapur - IT Tech Lead, Yahoo!
Dheeraj has eight years of IT experience including experience in the areas of cloud computing, advanced system automation & tools design, and system administration. He is skilled in management of infrastructure and rollout of technology to support large user groups, supporting users at corporate headquarters as well as multiple remote locations, and effectively managing high-end Hadoop clusters.
Manukranth Kolloju - Software Engineer, Facebook
Manukranth is a software engineer at Facebook and works on HBase and related technologies.
Chris Larsen - Software Architect, LimeLight Networks
Chris is a software architect at Limelight Networks and the release manager for OpenTSDB 2.0.
Eli Levine - Principal Member of Technical Staff, Salesforce.com
Eli is building Salesforce's next-generation customer data storage platform using Apache Phoenix and HBase.
Nicolas Liochon - Cofounder, Scaled Risk
Nicolas has stayed focused on the software architecture business at various positions including Head of Architecture at Thomson Reuters for the Risk Management product line. He has been deeply part of the Big Data arena for more than two years, working especially with Hortonworks on HBase MTTR. He combines traditional software and enterprise architecture skills with a deep knowledge of Big Data architecture. Nicolas is PMC member for the HBase project. He is also cofounder of Scaled Risk, a company that provides a Big Data solution on top of Hadoop and HBase.
Francis Liu - Principal Software Engineer, Yahoo!
Francis is a Principal Software Engineer at Yahoo! working mainly on HBase. He is also an Apache Hive contributor and a Podling Project Management Committee (PPMC) member of the Apache HCatalog project. Prior to this, he was involved in the development of a workflow management and incremental processing platform built on top of Hadoop.
Pete Matern - Principal Engineer, Jive Software
Pete is currently the architect for Jive's next generation architecture and co-creator of Tasmo. He is one of the original authors of Jive's flagship product, where he focused on clustering and caching functionality.
Anish Mathew - Principal Engineer, Yahoo!
Anish has been responsible for supporting Hadoop ecosystem projects since 2009. He focuses on building highly reliable backend systems to manage/onboard projects to use Hadoop and HBase.
Scott Miao - Senior Engineer, Trend Micro
Scott Miao is a senior engineer at Trend Micro, responsible for anything related to the Hadoop ecosystem used in the company. He has worked in Hadoop for three years.
Jonathan Natkins - Member of Technical Staff, WibiData
Jonathan "Natty" Natkins is a Field Engineer at WibiData, helping customers use their data to create better application experiences. Prior to WibiData, Jonathan spent time working on both relational and non-relational technologies at Vertica, and later, Cloudera. Jonathan holds an Sc.B in Math-Computer Science from Brown University.
Dan Nelson - Lead Software Engineer/Researcher, Nielsen
During the past 15 years at Nielsen, Daniel has been passionate about developing and refining content identification and audience measurement technologies. Daniel has over 25 patents granted in related fields, and finds himself drawn towards solving problems that require finding the "signal in the noise".
Demai Ni - Senior Software Engineer, IBM
Demai is a senior developer at IBM on the BigInsights Engineering team and a contributor to the HBase project. Demai currently focuses on replication and disaster recovery. Previously, Demai worked on IBM's relational database product, DB2 for z/OS.
Kevin O'Dell - Systems Engineer, Cloudera
Kevin was the HBase Customer Operations Team Lead at Cloudera and is now part of the Systems Engineer team. He has supported enterprises for the past 6 years. Previously at Netapp, he focused on performance analysis and storage, and later moved to Data Domain/EMC where he specialized in storage. Kevin is also a contributor to the HBase project.
Carter Page - Engineering Manager, Google
Carter Page wears two hats as engineer and manager of the Bigtable development team in New York City. Prior to Google, he worked at Amplify Education as Director of Engineering, delivering instructional analytics solutions to teachers across the country. Carter has worked on high-performance distributed software for 18 years across several industries, including media, finance, and education.
Shrijeet Paliwal - Senior Engineer, Rocket Fuel
Shrijeet was the second member of the Data Infrastructure group at Rocket Fuel. He has contributed to HBase, Hadoop, and real-time stream processing efforts and helped Rocket Fuel scale from single cluster of 10 nodes to 1000s of nodes across multiple data centers. In past Shrijeet was part of Stony Brook University's data science lab focusing on analyzing large-scale text streams such as news, blogs, and social media to identify cultural trends around the world's people, places, and things.
Abhijit Pol
At Rocket Fuel, Abhijit architects big data systems that learn and gain insights over petabytes of data. He was an architect on Yahoo's big data platforms. Abhijit holds PhD in databases, authored several papers in prestigious database conferences, is a recipient of the SIGMOD best paper award, and co-authored popular textbook Decision Support Systems.
Andrew Purtell - Systems Architect, Intel
Andrew is a Committer and PMC member for the HBase project. Andrew is a Principal Architect at Intel in the Big Data Platform Engineering Group, whose current focus includes security, coprocessors, the next generation of commodity hardware, and the constraints of the Java sandbox on the Hadoop ecosystem. Previously, Andrew worked at Trend Micro, Sparta, and McAfee.
Shreeganesh Ramanan - Senior Software Engineer, Optimizely
Shreeganesh (SG) is a software engineer 0n the Analytics team at Optimizely. He has been working on a new analytics backend using Hadoop and HBase. Prior to Optimizely, he worked on the Merchants platform at Amazon and on Core OS, Windows at Microsoft.
Vladimir Rodionov - Founder, bigbase.org
Vladimir is a software design, development and delivery expert, with many years in the software development industry. He has been involved in designing and building Big Data solutions for the past several years as a member of Carrier IQ platform team. Vladimir's areas of expertise include (but not limited to) Java, HBase, Hadoop, Hive, large-scale OLAP, and in-memory data processing.
Eric Sammer - CTO, ScalingData
Eric is the CTO at ScalingData where he's responsible for product and engineering. Prior to ScalingData, Eric was part of the engineering leadership team at Cloudera, managing the Partner Engineering and Developer Tools teams. Eric is a committer on a number of open source projects including Apache Flume, Apache MRUnit, and Kite, a contributor to many others, a regular speaker on Hadoop and its related ecosystem, and the author of Hadoop Operations from O'Reilly.
Varun Sharma - Software Engineer, Pinterest
Varun is a Software Engineer on the infrastructure team at Pinterest. His work encompasses fighting core scaling problems and leveraging new cutting edge technologies to augment the Pinterest tech stack. He is an active contributor to HBase and has built large-scale storage solutions on top of HBase at Pinterest. Prior to Pinterest, he was at Google for over 4 years, where he worked on a variety of projects including ad targeting/optimization, computer vision and mobile search.
Aleksandr Shulman - Software Engineer, Cloudera
Aleks works as a test engineer at Cloudera. He is responsible for HBase as a part of the CDH distribution. Before Cloudera, Aleks worked on the Platform API team as Salesforce.com, where he focused on test automation.
Benoit Sigoure - Software Engineer, Arista Networks
Benoit is the original author of OpenTSDB, the distributed monitoring system built on top of HBase. He also wrote AsyncHBase, the alternative HBase client that is fully asynchronous, non-blocking, and thread-safe. Benoit is currently working on building distributed systems for next-generation datacenter networks at Arista Networks. He also works on network extensibility, Hadoop integration, APIs, and network programmability in general.
Enis Söztutar - Member of Technical Staff, Hortonworks
Enis is an HBase, Hadoop, and Gora committer and a member of the Apache Software Foundation. He has been using and developing Hadoop ecosystem projects since 2007. He is currently working at HortonWorks as a part of the HBase engineering team.
Michael Stack - Software Engineer, Cloudera
Michael is a software engineer on Cloudera's HBase team. He is Chair of the HBase PMC and a member of the Hadoop PMC.
Liyin Tang - Software Engineer, Facebook
Liyin is a software engineer for the Data Infrastructure team at Facebook, where he focuses on building high available and reliable storage services, and helps the service scale in the face of exponential data growth. Liyin is an HBase Committer and contributes to other open source projects including HDFS and Apache Hive.
James Taylor - Engineer, Salesforce.com
James is an engineer at Salesforce.com in the Big Data Group. He founded the Apache Phoenix project and has led the development effort on that for the past several years. Prior to working at Salesforce.com, James worked at BEA Systems on a federated query processing system and an event driven programming platform.
Kathleen Ting - Technical Account Manager, Cloudera
Kathleen is currently a technical account manager at Cloudera where she helps strategic customers deploy and use the Hadoop ecosystem in production. She's a frequent conference speaker, has contributed to several projects in the open source community, and is a committer and PMC member on Sqoop. Kathleen is also a co-author of The Apache Sqoop Cookbook.
Paul Tuckfield - Production Engineer, Facebook
Paul has been working with large, high-availability, and high-performance databases for a long time at various companies including PayPal, Youtube, and Facebook. Currently Paul is a Production Engineer at Facebook, working on HBase performance and operations.
Ramkrishna Vasudevan - Senior Software Engineer, Intel
Ramkrishna is a Senior Software Engineer at Intel and an HBase committer and PMC member. Prior to Intel, he worked at Huawei and was part of developing the secondary index feature in HBase.(HBASE-9203). Currently, he is working on HBase off-heap storage ideas and sometimes on Phoenix.
Adam Warrington - Tools Team Manager, Cloudera
Adam manages a development team at Cloudera where he focuses on building Big Data applications on top of Hadoop, HBase, Impala, and Cloudera Search. These applications give Cloudera insight into customer environments, enabling more efficient support operations, and allowing the business to be information driven. He led the development of an HBase client library that has since been rolled into the Kite SDK project to form Kite's HBase module.
Liang Xie - Software Engineer, Xiaomi
Liang is a software engineer at Xiaomi, an active HBase committer, and a Hadoop contributer. His interests include distributed storage, RDBMS, and software performance.
Maryann Xue - Software Engineer, Intel
Maryann is a software engineer in the big data team at Intel and a committer on the Phoenix project. She has been focusing on enhancing the capabilities and performance of HBase for its application in customer solutions.
Jesse Yates - Senior Member of Technical Staff, Salesforce.com
Jesse Yates has been nerd-ing out about distributed systems since college. Currently, he is a committer on HBase and working to make HBase 'enterprise ready' at Salesforce.com - hacking on everything from security, to backup and disaster recovery. In his free time, he writes more code and trains for triathlons.
Alec Zopf - Senior Data Engineer, Next Big Sound
Alec is a Senior Data Engineer at the music analytics company Next Big Sound. He is an avid music fan, a drummer for 18 years, and a biomedical and electrical engineer by training. After a stint in high-frequency trading, Alec joined Next Big Sound to help usher in a new era of advanced analytics and data warehousing for the music industry, combining data about social engagement and streaming with traditional digital sales and radio metrics to discover what drives modern music consumption.
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